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Retro/Grade is a rhythm game with a unique twist - time is flowing backwards!  While it looks like a shoot 'em up in reverse, you must un-fire attacks to the beat of the music while avoiding enemy fire in order to save the space/time continuum. Otherwise, a temporal anomaly will rip the universe a new time-hole! It is available now for PS3 and will be released on Steam on March 20th!

The game features:
  • 10 dazzling worlds with unique enemies, epic boss fights, and amazing effects
  • A campaign with 6 difficulties and 130 different challenge levels
  • 11 unlockable ships including characters from other indie games like Super Meat Boy and Octodad
  • Over 50 minutes of chiptune inspired electronic music by Skyler McGlothlin aka Nautilis
  • Navigate your ship with a guitar controller! (The PC version supports Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii Guitars. The PS3 version only supports PS3 compatible guitars)
  • An unlockable DJ mode that allows you to mix the tracks in the game
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100% Thunderbolt Games Retro/Grade is a seamless mix of concept and execution, an essential entry into the music genre.
100% Nerd 4 Sure These last few years have not been kind to games in the rhythm genre … have no fear, it's back – and better than ever.
100% Snackbar Games Whether you are a fan of shoot-'em-ups, rhythm games or just want something a little different, Retro/Grade is a worthy purchase.
A+ Gamers with Children On all accounts I give this game very high marks.
100% UGR Gaming The gameplay is incredibly smooth, it's like a 3-D shooting rhythm side scroller.
100% PlayStation Illustrated The game is awesome.
100% UFO Gamers More please! The music in Retro/Grade is utterly delicious.
95% Gaming Illustrated I can't recommend Retro/Grade highly enough. For $9.99 or $14.99 (with bundled soundtrack), the game is a steal.
95% Girl Gamer I had no clue that Retro/Grade was an indie game when I started playing it. All of the game's components seemed to sync up so well that I just assumed it was a big name title.
A PS Nation Retro/Grade is an excellent example of an innovative idea that works, and works quite well.
90% The Sixth Axis With solid mechanics, fun gameplay and excellent presentation, this could just be the best, and certainly the most unique, downloadable game this year.
90% Games Xtreme The music/rhythm genre may not be the sensation it was a few years ago but Retro/Grade has easily revitalized the genre and set a new standard.
90% Glitch Cat Retro/Grade is a great rhythm game. It employs mechanics seen in such games like Guitar Hero while still adding enough twists to keep itself unique, and most importantly, fun.
A- Gaming Age If you have any interest in rhythm games or shoot 'em ups, you should do yourself a favor and check this out.
A- Game Plox For how irritating it might be to actually describe the game, it comes together so well that its simplicity in action is notable as one of its greatest qualities.
90% PSMag Shoot'em Up en musique !
90% The Mog Blog This rhythm reverse-shump is one of the most unique ideas I've seen in this gaming generation.
90% The Gamers Hub This is one of those indie games that everyone should pick up.
90% New Gamer Nation Retro/Grade is one of the most exciting original games to come to the PSN in a long time and is a must-buy for fans of retro shoot-em-ups or rhythm games.
88% Mash Those Buttons I had a lot of fun playing through each level, and I really think that I will continue to play it for a long time to come.